Pontoon Furniture Installation Guides

We recommend that when you receive your new furniture, first inspect the boxes for damage during shipping.  When opening your boxes, use a blunt object, such as a house or car key.  A sharp object, such as a knife, will cut through the vinyl and is not recommended and will void your warranty.

When installing benches or corner sections, we recommend attaching the backrest cushion first, then attach the seat cushion.  Please note that pontoon furniture should not be used as free-standing seating.  Bench seating must have railings or some other support for installation.

Pontoon Installation Video

General Pontoon Assembly

Premier Collection

Tools required

  • Phillips Head Hand or Power Screwdriver

  • Pliers

Items Provided

  • 1" Base Screws

  • 4" Threaded Posts

  • Fender Washers

  • Lock Washers

  • Wing Nuts

All 27”, 36”, 45”, 50” Straight Benches & all 45” Corner CouchesAssembling Seat Bottom Cushion to Plastic Base

  1. Remove the hinge from the seat cushion bottom by removing the screws. Take note of the hinge placement for correct re-placement of the hinge on the base and bottom.

  2. Place the hinge onto the seat base and insert the 1” base screws in the 3 pre-drilled holes in the seat base. Screw down but do not tighten yet.

  3. Turn the seat base so that the front of the base is facing down.

  4. Place the seat bottom next to the base to re-attach the 3 screws removed from the hinge in step one. Start screws by hand only. Once started, screw-down but again do not tighten.

  5. First, tighten the 3 base hinge screws into the base. Second, tighten the screws in the seat bottom cushion. Important to tighten in this order!


55" Bench Seat Assembly


Tools required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver

  • Pliers

Items provided:

  • 1 - Seat

  • 1 - Backrest Cushion Set

  • 2 - Bases

  • 4 - 1/4" x 2" Studs with Washers and Wingnuts

Assembly Instructions

  1. Seat cushions must be attached to the front of the base. Flip-up to install backrest, (see illustration below).

  2. The backrest will slide directly into the recess located at the back of the base.

  3. To permanently attach backrest, screw the 1/4"x 2" studs into the back. Push back through holes in the base. Put washers and wing nuts on studs and tighten.


Steering Console Assembly


Tools required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Items provided:

  • Helm with mounted upholstered access cover panel

Assembly Notes

  1. When mounting steering wheel assembly and throttle control, trim only vinyl necessary to clear component through the hole.

  2. Adequate upholstery material for steering column bezel and throttle cover plate must remain for the plate to securely overlap and capture vinyl.

  3. Follow the manufacturer’s specific directions for the installation of the steering assembly and throttle control.

  4. When mounting throttle directly to helm please consult your local marine professional.

FOR FULL INSTRUCTIONS  DOWNLOAD:  Steering Console Assembly Guide